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So I don’t usually work in VB.NET, I’ll admit it. When we made the jump to the .NET Framework I started programming in C# and absolutely fell in love with the language. I think in C# now when I code and nothing is more painful than going back to VB6 or legacy ASP code. However, at Code Camp, I did pick up something in VB.NET Windows Application programming that I really like and wish they had included in C#: Automatic Splash Screens!

It turns out that with one new form and a couple of setting changes in the IDE, you can have a professional looking splash screen on your VB.NET App. It’s really this simple. First of all you add a WindowsForm of type SplashScreen:

Image 1

Then you change the properties for the Assembly to set the Application Title:

Image 2

And then you go into the project properties and add that as your splashscreen:

Image 3

And Viola! Instant, professional splash!

Image 4

Now when are we going to get that in C#?



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