My Musical Resume

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Career Snapshot

  • A proven talent on bass with a history of diversity, including rock, metal, folk, country, Top 40, pop, R&B, blues, and jazz
  • More than a decade of professional experience both with originals and covers
  • An involved, thoughtful musician with a knack for melody, an ability to seamlessly integrate into any band environment, and a solid work ethic
  • Understands multiple instruments and is capable of assisting with riff writing or song writing
  • A capable lyricist with a poetic style


  • Bass
    • 4-string
    • 5-string
    • 6-string
    • Fretless
  • Other instruments
    • Rhythm Guitar
    • Drums
    • Some lead guitar
    • Some piano
  • Vocals
    • Lead on bluesy music
    • Backing vocals

Bassist / Vocalist

I bring dedication, passion, and a sense of joy to my playing. I am more than willing to embrace the role of bassist and all that implies. My goal is to make the foundation of my band solid enough to allow the melodies and solos to work their magic.

Key Highlight

  • As a member of Bee Charmers, recognized in 1996 by Musician Magazine as a finalist for their annual Top 10 Best Unsigned Bands contest.

Professional Experience

Examples Of Composition

  • I’ve written many songs over my career, and published poetry and song lyrics. I had in hand in composing the music of at least one popular Bee Charmers song. Lately I have taken to composing electronically. Below are several examples of my work.
  • Model T, an instrumental inspired by a lunch time meeting
  • With You In Mind, a rock-oriented instrumental with live bass and guitar parts
  • Kisses In Meadows, a more pop-oriented instrumental with live bass and guitar parts
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