About Me

I’m a happily married proud father who enjoys programming, the NFL and NHL, chess, poker, writing, reading, and hanging out on the web. I am a self-published author, had additional works published online and in print anthologies, and have been a professional bass player for over 20 years.

Today, I’m a pretty laid back software engineer type guy with an awesome family.

You can find me on the web here:

Social Media


This is my personal Facebook page. If you know me, feel free to connect with me there and if I know you I’ll be glad to add to my friends list. I generally use Facebook to stay in touch with my family from back on the East Coast.


I don’t tweet much, but I follow a lot of awesome people. Feel free to follow me.


Feel free to connect with me on the premier professional social network site. You’ll find all my professional information there as well, and I’m more than happy to network.

My Music

My Facebook Fan Page (Author/Musician)

Interested in the history of my music career? You might be surprised to learn that I was a fairly rockin’ bass player in a former life.

My Fandalism Musician Profile

Feel free to browse a brief history of my music career on this fledgling social media site.

My Music on SoundCloud

Here you’ll find clips of my old bands, in addition to some music I’ve composed myself using state of the art computer applications. My favorite is ‘Model T’, an instrumental I wrote imagining a first lunch date between two people who fall hard for each other.

My Videos On YouTube

Here you’ll video clips from my music career, past and present. Feel free to watch the progression from nervous teen in a striped shirt to confident player in a Star Wars cap. Some of these clips are from 25 years ago. Really.

My Writing

Buy My Book!

Feel free to buy a copy of my book! Descent: A Look Inside is chock full of emotional poetry, an award winning epic poem, heartfelt syrupy song lyrics, and adventurous haiku. There’s a preview on my Lulu site to whet your appetite.

Buy My eBook on SmashWords!
Buy My eBook for the Kindle!

If you prefer a true eBook for your Kindle or other eBook reader, I have a copy of Descent: A Look Inside both on Smashwords and on Amazon for the Kindle.

Buy My eBook on the Nook!

And of course, how can we forget the Nook.

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